Jadar, Serbia

World-class lithium deposit

Jadar project update

On 20 January 2022, the Government of Serbia cancelled the spatial plan and revoked our licenses related to the proposed lithium-borates project.

There were significant concerns about the potential impact of the mine on the local communities of the Jadar valley and we understand that we need to show that these concerns can be addressed and managed. We are focused on talking with all stakeholders so we can work together to explore all options related to the project’s future. We believe in Jadar, a world-class project with the potential to play an essential role in the transition to a low-carbon future and are working through what this means for the project and our people in Serbia.

We’re a long-term landowner and have made commitments to the community and suppliers. We will continue to honor our obligations despite our permits and licenses being cancelled.

A lithium-boron deposit with the potential to make Serbia a major global producer

Jadar is named after jadarite, a lithium sodium borosilicate mineral Rio Tinto discovered in Serbia in 2004, near the city of Loznica in western Serbia.

As one of the largest greenfield lithium projects in the world, Jadar could produce lithium carbonate, a critical mineral used in large scale batteries for electric vehicles and storing renewable energy.

Lithium will play an essential role in the transition to a low carbon economy. The scale and high-grade nature of the Jadar deposit provides the potential for the mine to supply lithium products into the electric vehicle value chain for decades, positioning Serbia as the European hub for green energy and raising the country’s importance in one of the world’s most important technological transitions.

Jadar lithium project overviewProject overview

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Jadar in the news

Chad Blewitt Appointed Managing Director at Jadar
Chad Blewitt has been appointed as the managing director for the Jadar Project, effective 1 May 2024, after acting in the role since July 2023. Learn More
Rendering of the potential Jadar site
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
To assist a public dialogue on the environmental impacts of the Jadar Project, we are releasing the current EIA draft studies.


Nenad Grubin at the office in Jadar
Meet Nenad
Nenad Grubin is the leading geological researcher at Jader. Watch the video