International Women’s Day

:: Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Educational outreach

As part of Rio Sava’s community engagement programme, Rio Sava staff members have visited local elementary schools to talk about their work. For geologist Ana Arifovic, going on these visits is one of the things she enjoys most about her job.

“I love talking about geology,” Ana says “and it’s really nice if you can convince the students that it isn’t just some boring science.”

The best thing for Ana though, is when the girls start looking interested. “I think at first for them geology seems a bit rough, perhaps more a job for the guys. But then they look at me and you can see them thinking ‘Ah! So a girl can do that too!”’

The visits are organised by Vesna Ciprus, who is in charge of community relations at Rio Sava. Last year Ana and Vesna visited eighth-graders in three local schools and this year they have plans to increase this.

For Ana and Vesna, raising awareness of the project among school children is important.

After all, as Ana points out “one day they might be the people who are working here.”